About [episode_1]

[episode_1] is a limited podcast series born out of our commitment to subvert and transform narratives around gender, sexuality, radical politics, and activism in the Global South, with an emphasis on West Asia and North Africa. As our first venture into auditory knowledge production, we challenged mainstream knowledge by collaborating with scholars, artists, writers, and activists to create content that is hybrid in its genre, radical in its politics, and free in its form.

In our humble attempt to amplify invisibilized narratives around our daily battles, whether at home or in diaspora, we chose to cover topics ranging from prison and deteriorating detention conditions in Syria and Egypt; environmental and economic collapse in Lebanon; queer realities in the GCC; the age-old healthcare crisis; citizenship, borders, and statehood in the SWANA.

In collaboration with Heinrich Boell Stiftung - Middle East Office Beirut